I am pleased to offer workshops on any of the topics discussed in this blog. I have already presented workshops on the topics listed below, and of course, I have taught or tutored individuals, small groups, and school classes at elementary, secondary and college levels. Let me know what topics you are interested in and I will be happy to work with you to develop workshop(s) to meet your group’s requirements.

Workshop: Why Children Need Parent-Tutors:

  • Family life-long learning
  • What is tutoring?
  • Do parents have the necessary skills to tutor their own children?
  • How can parents gain extra tutoring skills?
  • What are the goals of parent tutoring?
  • What important activities can a parent-tutor do well?
  • What if I “can’t”?
  • Building a good parent-tutor and child relationship
  • Learning styles, intelligences, behaviours
  • Development of individualised programs
  • Monitoring your child’s progress
  • Some basic learning goals
  • Home tutoring resources
  • Suggestions for a “homework/tutoring” session
  • Specific considerations for primary grades (K to 3)
  • Specific considerations for intermediate grades (4 to 8)
  • When to consider hiring a tutor
  • Costs of tutors–and alternatives
  • Learning activities: general, math, reading, writing
  • The new 2016 BC Ministry of Education curriculum highlights

Workshop: Introduction to Hiring a Tutor:

  • Why do you need a tutor: needs of both the student and the parent
  • How to choose the right tutor
  • Initial conversation with a potential tutor
  • What to expect at a tutoring session
  • Tutor-client agreements
  • How tutors plan individualised programs for their students
  • Questions about tutoring costs
  • Tutor-Learner relationships

Workshops on Specific Ways to Teach/Tutor Your Child:
What do you want help with? Why not get together with other parents of schooled or homeschooled children, choose a topic(s), and contact me to come and provide a workshop. Workshops can be aimed at parents; or can be a group lesson for children; or can be for parents and children together. All workshops will be hands-on and will provide many alternative ways of approaching your topic, and all are based on a belief in the value of life-long learning and on designing learning that focuses on the child’s (and family’s) unique interests and learning styles.

Some possible topics:
Learning to “sound out” and “decode” words
Using rhyme, songs and poetry to learn sounds
Journaling and creating books
Discuss picture book stories with your child
Using nursery rhymes, or fairy tales, or a favorite series of books to create a unique learning theme
Spelling tips
Using word families for spelling and reading
Vowels, consonants, blends, digraphs
Handwriting tips
Overcoming letter writing confusion and reversals
Follow your child’s passions and interests
Helping your child with speech issues
Tips and tricks for learning math facts (addition, subtraction, multipliction, division)
Fractions and real-life applications
Exam study tips and memory tips
Algebra basics: filling in the gaps to build a strong foundation

If you are interested in topics directly related to writing, editing, and publishing, be sure to check out my workshops at my blog.

What other topics would you be interested in? Feel free to list your ideas in the comments. Thanks!