Tutoring topics

Tutoring Topics:

Having trouble finding the tutoring information you need? Here is a table of contents of the many blog posts you’ll find on this site on the topic of tutors and tutoring. By the way, if you live in the Penticton area, you can find out about my own Pen and Paper Mama tutoring services here.

If you’re looking for a list of links to practical tips for helping your children learn at home, check the Home Education Tips page for dozens of helpful posts on many different subjects and topics.

Below, you’ll find links to multiple posts on all the following topics:

Pen And Paper Mama Services
Why Do You Need a Tutor?
How to Choose the Right Tutor
Meeting the Tutor and Making Plans Together
How Tutors Plan Individualized Programs for Students
Tutoring Adult Learners
Questions About Tutoring Costs

Pen And Paper Mama Services:

Accepting New Tutoring Students!
Pen and Paper Mama’s Services

Why Do You Need a Tutor?

Why Do You Need a Tutor? series:

Why Do I Need to Have Tutoring, Part 1 – a real conversation with a grade four student.  See part 2 here.
Setting Goals for Your Child’s Learning
– for tutoring, homeschooling, homework help, or simply life-long learning

Hire a Tutor or Homeschool My Child?

How to Choose the Right Tutor:

How to Choose the Right Tutor series:

A to Z Checklist of Tutor Characteristics:

1. Adaptability, Assessment, Confidentiality, Commitment, Creativity                                       2. Empathy, Enthusiasm, Emergency Preparedness, Fairness, Flexibility                                 3. Friendliness, Honesty, Humour, Knowledge, Learning Centered                                           4. Legalities, Organization, Patience, Professionalism, Respectfulness                                       5. Sensitivity, Social Awareness, Written Contracts

Tutor-Learner Relationships – good information for tutors, teachers, parents, and anyone helping a learner/student

Meeting the Tutor and Making Plans Together:

Tutoring Consultation Meeting series:
1. What to expect at the interview
2. Specific questions and discussion

Initial Conversation with a Potential Tutor
What to Expect at a Tutoring Session

A Sample First Tutoring Session Report
Tutor-Client Agreements
Tutoring and Home Learning Supplies (not what you might expect!)

How Tutors Plan Individualized Programs for Students:

How Tutors Plan Individualized Programs For Their Students series:

Tutoring Adult Learners:

Questions About Tutoring Costs:

Wondering About Assessment and Testing?

Thoughts About Multiple Choice and Standardized Tests
What to do when your tutoring student fails a test after tutoring
How to improve your tutoring if it’s not succeeding well



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