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Need help?  Tutoring, editing, and writing: (for more information, and for details on Pen and Paper Mama’s other services – booklets, pamphlets, newsletters, cookbook, blog basics, speaking engagements, home school assistance, Easy to Learn booklet series – check out the Pen and Paper Mama Services page)

TUTORING:  As a qualified and experienced British Columbia public and private school teacher (at elementary and secondary levels), teacher-librarian, tutor, and a home-school parent of 5 children, I now do tutoring in the Penticton area in a variety of subject areas and for different age groups. If you need tutoring in a subject area in which I lack expertise, I can provide you with referrals to other qualified local tutors. I am also available to tutor outside the local area, via Skype.  My experiences have included:

  • tutoring pre-school and elementary age children in all subject areas.  Children may be attending public or private school or be homeschooled.  As a former teacher and a homeschool parent, I also advise parents who are interested in home education alternatives.  If children are in school, I will of course also work closely with teachers and other professionals on your child’s educational team.
  • tutoring secondary age students in English, Social Studies, and related subject areas.
  • tutoring college students, particularly with writing and term paper development.  I have also worked with ESL students and with mature students who need help getting back into the educational system, and/or need help with upgrading before entering college.
  • tutoring students with special needs, including learning disabilities and mental health issues.
  • tutoring young adult women and men in home management, budgeting, shopping, and traditional home skills (cooking, sewing, etc).  I have taught Home Economics at the Secondary School level, as well as worked with women’s groups.
  • tutoring in the basics of blog design, blog and website writing, and use of social media such as FaceBook.
  • editing written materials, and tutoring grammar and writing skills in a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction settings.  (See more details below, in the editing and writing section.)
  • I have many years experience working with First Nations/aboriginal students.

I will tutor individually or in group situations.  I will also take on single sessions or ongoing sessions.  Fees are negotiable, depending on your tutoring needs, group size, and financial situation.  Please contact me by email   for more information.

Note to other tutors in the Penticton area:  If you contact me with your tutoring information, I will be happy to post your name and information here on the site!  We also have a database of Penticton area tutors to which we’d be happy to add you.


Do you need help with your writing?  I am an experienced writer, published in magazines, newspapers, and anthologies, as well as on my blogs and websites and in newsletters which I have published and/or edited. I have recently started my own author’s site,, which will focus in detail on writing, editing, and publishing topics.   I am an active member of a local writers’ group and an editors’ group.  I have taught high-school English and Social Studies, both of which require strong writing skills.  I have edited author manuscripts – novels, short story collections, travelogues, non-fiction books and more – and have participated as a judge in poetry and story contests.  I have also edited business reports and other technical writing, and have assisted post-secondary students with term papers and with SAT preparation.

I would be happy to help you with proof-reading, editing, and with writing in a variety of genres – essay, short story, biography, business letters, newsletter design, blog writing, Christmas letters and personal letters, resume cover letters, and more.  I would also be pleased to help you with your ESL writing needs, and to assist you in improving your grammar, spelling, and other writing skills.  And I can help you determine what publishing path(s) you want to take and get you going on that journey.

For a copy of my resume and/or for further information, please contact me by email .


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