the church at Penticton

the church at Penticton   “following Jesus together,” was a blog and website designed to provide a gathering place for all Christ-followers (and thus members of His family and part of His church throughout the world and through time) in the Penticton area.  We also welcome all other believers, wherever you are.  And we welcome anyone who is interested in who Jesus is and who would like to meet His followers or ask them questions about their life with Jesus.

At the site, you’ll find a blog where you can discuss, in the comments, the articles and stories that others have posted.  You can also submit guest posts of your own.  (For information, check out the “contact us” page.

The site also includes pages such as the following:

church at Penticton : who we are and why we have created this site

Events and invites : events hosted by the various gatherings of the church at Penticton, and invitations to them.

Help needed or offered : an opportunity to get involved with other believers in the Penticton area with the various activities God has placed on their hearts; or to invite others to join you in what you are doing.

Local church gatherings : Places, dates, times, people, projects and programs …  anywhere that “2 or 3 are gathered” in Christ’s name … or even individuals who are looking for others with whom they can gather.  Traditional churches, house gatherings, outreach ministries, schools and other places where Christ is honored, coffee-shop gatherings, Bible study groups etc.

Please check out the site, and provide us with any information you want listed.  Also be sure to become involved in our blog conversation.  And we’re happy to entertain suggestions on other pages we can post on the site.


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