Haida Gwaii Building Bridges

Haida Gwaii Building Bridges  is a collection of photographs, articles, stories, and poetry featuring the beautiful “misty isles” of Haida Gwaii (previously known as the Queen Charlotte Islands).  Having spent various periods of my life living on these islands, and being married to a member of the Haida First Nation, I have created this site to introduce you to the islands and their people, and also share various perspectives about issues and life on this amazing land.  

Some of the articles I have penned; others have been written by family, relations, and friends.  Different from the “travelogues” you may encounter elsewhere, this site provides you with heart-felt explorations of this land and its people.

If you would like to purchase a copy of a collection of some of these posts and photos in chap-book form, go to my shop at teacherspayteachers.com.


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