Conversations Reflections and Meditations

Conversations, Reflections, and Meditations is my original website.  The website went through 2 incarnations on the Geocities platform, then through 2 incarnations on Yahoo’s platform, and has finally ended up on WordPress.  There have been many changes over the years, and through that time the site has featured a lot of help from my talented daughter, Taryn.  The Conversations, Reflections, and Meditations website is for the most part a collection of my writings (prose and poetry) over the years, and of various “passions” I have followed.  Topics include:

  • The Life Connection:  a series of articles written for a church newsletter
  • 30 days of me: a series of posts that were on a blog attached to the site when it was on Yahoo
  • Creative Writing:
  • – A to Z challenge:  stories featuring topics which each start with a different letter of the alphabet.  Family, humor, favorite activities, heroes…
  • – Hillbilly Hilarity:  fun and humor.  Definitions of “hillbilly” terminology, and amusing stories written in hillbilly-ese
  • – Miracle stories:  miracles and other supernatural and/or spiritual experiences in my life
  •  – Poetry: a variety of poetry forms and topics – just check it out
  •  – Summerland Stories: from my childhood visits to my grandparents in Summerland
  •  – Bits and pieces:  as the title suggests, jetsam and flotsam from my writing over the years, much humorous, some serious, often unexpected.
  •  Education and Homeschool:  This was the “big topic” originally on this website when I was homeschooling my 5 kids.  They’re all grown now, but I’m still involved in the homeschool movement (as an active Board Member of the BCHLA–BC Home Learners Association), as well as on education generally (I have also taught in public and private schools, as well as tutoring).  We were very eclectic homeschoolers, and the topics in this sections reflect this.  For those wondering about what homeschooling is all about, you might find this section a good “primer.”  It explores educational approaches and alternatives, homeschooling goals, what it means to be a parent educator, various viewpoints about homeschooling, the question of socialization, some practical suggestions, and more.
  • Family:  Admittedly, the photos in this section are a bit outdated, as my little family of 5 children has now expanded to include sons-in-law and 9 grandchildren.  On the other hand, for those interested in family history and old-timey stories, there are all kinds of tales about my own life when I was a child.  Yes, that was back in the day – black and white TV, manual typewriters, no computers.  Fun memories for those old enough to remember, and amused astonishment for those too young to recall those days.
  • Haida Gwaii Reflections:  another “big topic.”  My husband is a member of the Haida First Nation.  Our family has spent many years on Haida Gwaii, the Islands of the Haida People. In past forms of the site, there were photographs, art, stories, and poetry related to this very important part of our lives.  It became such a large section, though, that it now has its own site, HaidaGwaiiBuildingBridges.  Enjoy!
  • Prayers and Meditations:  in prose and poetry form, taken from my journals over the years.

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