Another Chance Okanagan

Another Chance Okanagan is a blog and website featuring the Another Chance Street Ministry in Penticton BC.  To quote from Pastor Peter, Penticton’s street pastor:

“We have seen much of the Lord’s heart at work in the tears from prostitutes, drug addicts, and hardened criminals – our family. The stories of change usually happen over long periods of time but they find solid ground from a relationship with the Lord and they have ownership of that relationship. It is enriching to watch people start new lives from a seed planted and they become a planter themselves.

We find that the biggest part of Ministry is just giving people the time of day. Sitting down with the people living off the street, stopping to talk and take an interest in the people passing in the street, giving hugs to everyone we can get our hands onto, as well as digging into the lives of those in our churches: this has created an open forum for dialogue with a large cross section of society.”

Go to the various pages of the website to find out about different aspects of the ministry.

And check out the blog to read the latest updates and check out pictures of our street family.



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