To contact Norma J Hill, aka Pen And Paper Mama, please use the contact form below; you can also find me on my social media links below the contact form. I’m looking forward to hearing from you regarding any of the following services I can offer you, or just to answer your questions or chat:


  • Tutoring services
  • Editing services–fiction, non-fiction, memoir
  • Writing services and publishing pointers
  • Homeschool or parental homework help assistance and consulting
  • My Easy to Learn educational booklets
  • My No-Fail, Speedy, Everyday Ingredients, Yummy Recipes and Handy Kitchen Reference Guide Cookbook
  • My Haida Gwaii: Reflections and Memories from the Misty Isles at the Edge of the World and Penticton Pedestrian booklets
  • Newsletter, booklet, and pamphlet design services
  • Speaking engagements



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