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I love to read your comments and through them get to know you and learn from you.  Comments bring blogs alive, and engage the community, helping us to think more clearly, and to learn from each other.  Often, the comments are far more interesting and useful than the posts themselves.

Still, there are a few limits to the comments that get posted on my sites.  So while I definitely encourage you to become an active part of this community, the fact of the matter is that I do, in the end, have complete control of the comments posted on my sites.

This is not because I am mean and hard-hearted, or inherently censorious.  The purpose of this policy is to provide a safe space for all readers and commenters, where trust and transparency are nourished while learning and freedom are encouraged.

This means that:

1.  I have final control over all content posted to the comments sections.

2.  I reserve the freedom to edit comments content.

3.  I reserve the freedom to censor and/or delete comments at any time for any reason I believe is reasonable and right within the parameters of the purpose of this policy explained above.

I prefer not to edit, censor or delete comments.  I prefer to keep comments as original as possible.  But if I find I have to edit or censor any comment, I will make note of that in the comment.  If I must delete (for reasons other than those listed below) I will email you with my reason for so doing.

Generally, comments are “open” within the parameters of my comment policy purpose above.  Your first comment or two will be subject to being moderated; if those comments are acceptable, further comments will be automatically posted.  However, if “problems” develop, I will have to go back to moderating (or even blocking) your comments.  Which would be very sad!

Beyond that, once your comments are published, you take 100% responsibility for them, and for any untoward results that might occur because of them.

As I wish my sites to be open and read by persons of all ages, cultures, education levels, religions and so on, I will not tolerate foul language, prejudicial or libelous  comments, nor aggressiveness/ flaming regarding the comments and beliefs of others or of their person.  Civil and intelligent discussion and discourse are encouraged!

If at all possible, please include your name and URL (if you have a site).  Try to avoid being “anonymous” – if necessary use a brand name or online persona.  Please use only a legitimate URL that you personally control.  Your email address will be kept private, unless you choose to include it in the “body” of your comment.

I have strong spam protection, and if any somehow slips through, it will be deleted immediately.   If you wish to discuss affiliate links, sharing of links, or obviously promotional links to content or sites, please email me separately at  I have no problem with these type of things if they are appropriate and helpful to the site and/or the discussion.  However, putting those requests in the comments is not acceptable.

Trackbacks and pingbacks will be included or excluded on the merits of how they contribute to the conversation and to the site generally.

If you include links in your comment contents, the comment will be referred to me for moderation.  If the link(s) is appropriate, the comment will be okayed.  If the link(s) is inappropriate, it will be edited, or possibly the entire comment will be deleted if necessary.

I will, as often as possible, and as appropriate, respond to your comments, and I encourage my readers to also respond to each other’s comments as well as to the contents of the post.  If you wish to discuss something privately with me, please email me by using the contact form on this site.

The content in the comments section is the property of the writer of any particular comment (though, as indicated above, I have the right to edit or delete if necessary).  Just as the content of my posts are my “intellectual property,” and therefore “copyrighted”, so I consider the contents of the comments the intellectual property of each writer.  If you wish to quote, either post or comments, please be sure to indicate your source (name of writer, and link) for short quotes.  For longer quotes, please get permission from the writer!

On the other hand, by posting your comment on my blog, you do give me permission to use your comment in my own blog posts, written material, and other publishing.  Thank you!

The content of all posts and comments on this blog are under “hold harmless” rules.  Therefore, any information you find, and choose to make use of, cannot be guaranteed – and you cannot therefore sue or otherwise harrass the writers if you are unhappy with the content itself or with the results of your use of such content.  In other words, you hold all writers on the blog harmless of any and all repercussions, damages, and liabilities.

I look forward to your comments on my sites, as discussion builds community and helps us all grow and learn together.  If you have suggestions for improvement, or any questions or concerns related to this policy, please feel free to send them by email to


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