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What’s a Pen and Paper Mama?

Every time I hand out one of my business cards or take a Pen and Paper Mama Services deposit to the bank, someone is sure to ask me, “What is a pen and paper mama?” Well, let me see… Oh! … Continue reading

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All Kinds of Learning Activities

This is post #14 (the last one!) in the series “How to Be a Great Parent-Tutor.” Do you wonder what kinds of creative learning activities you can do with your children? Here’s a list of all kinds of possibilities: general … Continue reading

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Punctuation Tips

Some children have a great deal of difficulty with punctuation. While there are all kinds of worksheets and workbooks available to help children practice using punctuation, for some children that format just doesn’t seem to work. Here are some alternative … Continue reading

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Handwriting Tips

Wondering how to help your children (or yourself!) improve their handwriting? Here are some great tips:   Paper lines – sizes and interlining: Experiment with different widths of lined paper to see which size your child is most comfortable with. … Continue reading

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Site changes

Up until now, this Pen and Paper Mama site has covered all my business. That includes tutoring, editing, and writing. Now I have started a new site, Norma J, on which I will feature writing and editing material. This … Continue reading

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