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A Sample First Tutoring Session Report

Do you wonder what kinds of things might happen in a first tutoring session, and what kind of a report you might receive from the tutor? Here is an example of an actual report from an initial tutoring session with … Continue reading

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Hire a Tutor or Homeschool My Child?

(This is a response I gave to a question on Quora: “Am I allowed to hire a tutor instead of homeschooling my child?”) I’d like to approach this question from a somewhat different aspect than the previous responders. (Though I … Continue reading

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What’s a Pen and Paper Mama?

Every time I hand out one of my business cards or take a Pen and Paper Mama Services deposit to the bank, someone is sure to ask me, “What is a pen and paper mama?” Well, let me see… Oh! … Continue reading

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Summer Tutoring Ideas

Should you consider tutoring for your child in the summer? Here are some thoughts: Why are you considering tutoring? Report Card Shock: Did your child’s final report card shake you up and you believe only a tutor can rescue your … Continue reading

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Home Math Tips: Manipulatives

Is your child (and maybe you, too) struggling with math? Time for manipulatives! Why are manipulatives so awesome? Here are some reasons: learn by doing hands-on, kinesthetic learning great for both individuals and small groups explore, develop reasoning and problem-solving … Continue reading

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Tons of Tutoring Tips and Topics

Do you have questions about getting a tutor for your child (or yourself)? Such as … Can tutoring help your child (and you as a parent)? Is it affordable? Is it worth it? What is it all about? How does … Continue reading

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Dyslexia and Other Learning Differences

This is post #6 in the series “When Children–and Adults Too–Hate Reading” Dyslexia and other learning differences: If all the reading issues and/or methods we’ve discussed in our previous posts in this series (see links at the end of this … Continue reading

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