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A “Buggy” Learning Theme – Part 1

Doing lots of activities, reading, writing, research, etc. on topics children are very interested in, is a great way to encourage them in learning their literacy skills! Even children who really struggle with their literacy skills become very motivated if … Continue reading

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Practical and Fun Ways to Use Art in Math and LA

Are you experiencing the “winter blahs” right now in mid-January? Maybe it’s the cold, grey weather … but maybe it’s because you need some great ideas of how to use art to liven up your Math and Language Arts learning. … Continue reading

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Activities and Resources for Children with Perceptual Issues

Does your child have perceptual issues? Are you looking for ideas for activities and resources? Here are some solutions I have used successfully with tutoring students, both those who attend school and those who are homeschooled. Lots of them are … Continue reading

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Copy work

Copy work: Have you tried having your child “copy” from well-written materials? Even if the material contains some words that may seem too advanced, the child will be learning to spell correctly, handwrite neatly (manuscript or cursive), use correct punctuation, … Continue reading

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Letter Confusion

            Is that a “b” or a “d”? Many children have difficulty with distinguishing between “b” and “d.” There are lots of worksheets available on the internet that can help with this. Or here are … Continue reading

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Handwriting Tips

Wondering how to help your children (or yourself!) improve their handwriting? Here are some great tips:   Paper lines – sizes and interlining: Experiment with different widths of lined paper to see which size your child is most comfortable with. … Continue reading

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Creative Memory Tricks for Sounds & Letters

Use creative memory tricks–and have your child help you think them up. He will remember a lot better if the trick is his own! Here are a few tricks some of my students have come up with, or we have … Continue reading

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