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A “Buggy” Learning Theme – Part 1

Doing lots of activities, reading, writing, research, etc. on topics children are very interested in, is a great way to encourage them in learning their literacy skills! Even children who really struggle with their literacy skills become very motivated if … Continue reading

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Spelling Memorization Tips

The other day I read an article in which the author said allowing children to just spell “the way it sounds” to them will work out just fine. The children’s spelling, she assured her readers, will gradually become more and more … Continue reading

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Writing and Spelling Adaptations for Children With Visual-Spatial Processing Issues

This is part 5 of a series of 6 posts about Visual-Spatial Processing Issues (and other related learning differences). Links to the other posts in this series are found at the bottom of this post. (Remember that if your child … Continue reading

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Speech Issues

Speech Issues and Spelling: Do you notice that your child sometimes makes the same spelling error in many words? For example, for words with “th” your child may spell with an “f.” Or some children may leave out certain sounds, … Continue reading

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Blends and Digraphs

What, you may wonder, is the difference between “blends” and “digraphs”? Blends are certain combinations of two or more consonant letters that appear at the beginning or the end of words and together create specific sounds. In blends, you can hear … Continue reading

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Teaching Word Endings

  Simple words to complex words with added  endings: Some children have difficulty extending their reading from a simple word, to its more complex forms, such as adding -ing or -ed, changing tenses, and adding prefixes or suffixes. Simply list … Continue reading

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Creative Memory Tricks for Sounds & Letters

Use creative memory tricks–and have your child help you think them up. He will remember a lot better if the trick is his own! Here are a few tricks some of my students have come up with, or we have … Continue reading

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