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Home Math Tips: Manipulatives

Is your child (and maybe you, too) struggling with math? Time for manipulatives! Why are manipulatives so awesome? Here are some reasons: learn by doing hands-on, kinesthetic learning great for both individuals and small groups explore, develop reasoning and problem-solving … Continue reading

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Home Math Tips: Games and Family Fun

There is quite an industry out there offering “math learning games” — and charging quite extravagant rates for many of their offerings. While some of the games are quite useful, before you empty your bank account here are some suggestions … Continue reading

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All Kinds of Learning Activities

This is post #14 (the last one!) in the series “How to Be a Great Parent-Tutor.” Do you wonder what kinds of creative learning activities you can do with your children? Here’s a list of all kinds of possibilities: general … Continue reading

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Parent-Tutors: Specific Suggestions for Primary Grades

This is post #10 in the series “How to Be a Great Parent-Tutor.” How can parents be involved in tutoring their children in primary grades K to 3 (and in some cases, pre-Kindergarten)? And note: While some of these tips are … Continue reading

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Exam Study Tips and Memory Tips

Many children who are facing exams, especially final exams and, at senior secondary level, provincial exams, feel very anxious and don’t know how to study for them. I always provide email “reports” after each lesson for my tutoring students, explaining … Continue reading

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Freebie Friday Skip Counting and Money Counting Charts

Learning to skip-count is fun and helps with all aspects of basic arithmetic – adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.  Today’s freebies are 2 skip-counting charts.   The skip count by 2s chart  is a simple chart which can be used … Continue reading

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Freebie Fridays Learning Activities List

Welcome to Freebie Fridays! On Fridays, we post educational items, all original and created by Pen And Paper Mama herself, for your free use.  Each item has been tested by tutoring students, home school families, and/or classroom groups. Today’s freebie … Continue reading

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