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A “Buggy” Learning Theme – Part 2

Doing lots of activities, reading, writing, research, etc. on topics children are very interested in, is a great way to encourage them in learning their literacy skills! Even children who really struggle with their literacy skills become very motivated if the … Continue reading

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Practical and Fun Ways to Use Art in Math and LA

Are you experiencing the “winter blahs” right now in mid-January? Maybe it’s the cold, grey weather … but maybe it’s because you need some great ideas of how to use art to liven up your Math and Language Arts learning. … Continue reading

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A Math Tutoring Report With Practical Suggestions

Over the next while, I will be posting samples from actual reports I have made to parents of my tutoring students. Today’s topic is some practical suggestions for a child who is struggling with primary-level math. Hope you’ll find some … Continue reading

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Ways to Relax and Overcome Math Anxiety

What Can We Do About our Child’s Math Anxiety? I often have parents sign up their children for math tutoring due to concerns over the child’s math anxiety–which of course has a negative effect on math learning. Today I’ll share … Continue reading

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Memory Problems and Solutions

      Difficulties retrieving information from your brain: Memory difficulties often involve retrieving information stored by the brain. Usually, there are more problems with short term memory (things learned recently) than with long term memory–though working memory deficits can … Continue reading

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Activities and Resources for Children with Perceptual Issues

Does your child have perceptual issues? Are you looking for ideas for activities and resources? Here are some solutions I have used successfully with tutoring students, both those who attend school and those who are homeschooled. Lots of them are … Continue reading

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Specific Considerations for Intermediate Grades

This is post #11 in the series “How to Be a Great Parent-Tutor.” Specific considerations for intermediate grades (4 to 8): Real Life Applications:  As in the primary grades, home tutoring should take advantage of as many “real-life applications” as … Continue reading

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