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Home Math Tips: Manipulatives

Is your child (and maybe you, too) struggling with math? Time for manipulatives! Why are manipulatives so awesome? Here are some reasons: learn by doing hands-on, kinesthetic learning great for both individuals and small groups explore, develop reasoning and problem-solving … Continue reading

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Home Math Tips: Games and Family Fun

There is quite an industry out there offering “math learning games” — and charging quite extravagant rates for many of their offerings. While some of the games are quite useful, before you empty your bank account here are some suggestions … Continue reading

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Activities and Resources for Children with Perceptual Issues

Does your child have perceptual issues? Are you looking for ideas for activities and resources? Here are some solutions I have used successfully with tutoring students, both those who attend school and those who are homeschooled. Lots of them are … Continue reading

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Dyslexia and Other Learning Differences

This is post #6 in the series “When Children–and Adults Too–Hate Reading” Dyslexia and other learning differences: If all the reading issues and/or methods we’ve discussed in our previous posts in this series (see links at the end of this … Continue reading

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Home Tutoring Resources

This is post #8 in the series “How to Be a Great Parent-Tutor.” What do you need to make your home a successful learning environment? Probably less than you think! Your focus should always be on helping your children–and your whole family–have … Continue reading

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