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Exam Study Tips

Goodbye, BC Provincials! Yes! Phew! The BC Ministry of Education has decided to axe nearly all secondary school provincial exams (for the time being anyway–Ministry of Ed decisions are known to change quite frequently–if you doubt me, see below for … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Multiple Choice/Standardized Tests

Some time ago, in a half-awake early morning state, I came up with this article outline, and its somewhat cheeky conclusions, which I then posted on a former version of this site 🙂 April 8, 2010 — So I woke up … Continue reading

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Monitoring Your Child’s Progress

This is post #6 in the series “How to Be a Great Parent-Tutor.” Parents may be scared off tutoring their child because they think they’ll have to test and report the child’s progress. Don’t worry. Even if you are a … Continue reading

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