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A Math Tutoring Report With Practical Suggestions

Over the next while, I will be posting samples from actual reports I have made to parents of my tutoring students. Today’s topic is some practical suggestions for a child who is struggling with primary-level math. Hope you’ll find some … Continue reading

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A Sample First Tutoring Session Report

Do you wonder what kinds of things might happen in a first tutoring session, and what kind of a report you might receive from the tutor? Here is an example of an actual report from an initial tutoring session with … Continue reading

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Spelling Memorization Tips

The other day I read an article in which the author said allowing children to just spell “the way it sounds” to them will work out just fine. The children’s spelling, she assured her readers, will gradually become more and more … Continue reading

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Ways to Relax and Overcome Math Anxiety

What Can We Do About our Child’s Math Anxiety? I often have parents sign up their children for math tutoring due to concerns over the child’s math anxiety–which of course has a negative effect on math learning. Today I’ll share … Continue reading

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Simple Tips to Solve Your Child’s Math Struggles

Why is math so hard? What can we do? While some people are naturally “math wizards,” most of us need some help from time to time. Surprisingly, often the help we need is some simple tips, more likely to do … Continue reading

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Exam Study Tips

Goodbye, BC Provincials! Yes! Phew! The BC Ministry of Education has decided to axe nearly all secondary school provincial exams (for the time being anyway–Ministry of Ed decisions are known to change quite frequently–if you doubt me, see below for … Continue reading

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Fun Hands-On Math Activities Part 4

This is Part 4 of a series on fun math activities you can do at home. You can find a list of all the posts in this series in the “Fun Math Activities” section on the Home Education Tips page. Learn to … Continue reading

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