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Beach Story Using Collective Nouns

Collective nouns at the beach! While we’re on a theme of “summer” topics, here’s a fun exercise I created the other day on Quora. It’s a beach story using collective nouns. Why not sit down together as a family and … Continue reading

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Summer Reading and Book Reports

Some twenty years ago or so, while I was homeschooling my children, I wrote an article about “Creative Alternatives to Book Reports.” With summer coming, encouraging your children to read a wide variety of books is a great way to … Continue reading

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Summer Tutoring Ideas

Should you consider tutoring for your child in the summer? Here are some thoughts: Why are you considering tutoring? Report Card Shock: Did your child’s final report card shake you up and you believe only a tutor can rescue your … Continue reading

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Home Math Tips: Unit Studies

Summer is coming and most children are delighted to escape all that September to June learning–and some especially are happy to escape math! (And even in you are reading this in the middle of the “school year” and you are … Continue reading

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Home Math Tips: For Kinesthetic Learners

Kinesthetic learning (aka tactile, physical, hands-on or skill learning) involves students learning by doing physical activities rather than just listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations or reading and writing about the topic. Kinesthetic learning activities involve students using body movement … Continue reading

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Home Math Tips: Online Sites

While we’ve been suggesting lots of different math learning tips ranging from games and hands-on manipulatives to charts and books, there are also, of course, many useful software programs/apps online. Many of them are free, and a lot of them … Continue reading

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Home Math Tips: Books and workbooks

Do you recognise these painful wails? From children: “Mom! Dad! I just don’t get math! It’s boring! The teacher doesn’t explain it right! Why do I need to do this? What do algebra and trigonometry have to do with real life? These … Continue reading

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