What’s a Pen and Paper Mama?

Every time I hand out one of my business cards or take a Pen and Paper Mama Services deposit to the bank, someone is sure to ask me, “What is a pen and paper mama?”

Well, let me see… Oh! I know! It’s me!

A mama, of course … to 5 children of my own and any others who happen to wander into my life, and then to my 9 grandkidlings … and even to some of my many school and tutoring students over the year (some of whom have accidentally called me “mom” instead of my name!).

Did I mention “tutoring”? Well, that’s part of the “pen and paper” bit of my business title. I’ve been a teacher (elementary and secondary, public and independent schools) and tutor (all ages, multiple subject areas, often with emphasis on special needs) and homeschooling parent, tutor, and consultant, too. Lots of paper and pencil work there! You’ll find loads of information on many aspects of tutoring and life-long learning and parents as their children’s best tutors here on this site. Here’s a list of topics.

And then there’s the editing part of the business. I love to help other writers with their writing and publishing and marketing … lots more pen and paper there (and yes, computer work, too, naturally). You can find out more about that at my site, normajhill.com, dedicated to writing and editing.

And you’ll find some examples of my own writing at my various websites. I love to write–only sometimes I get so busy working on other folks’ writing that I fail to focus on my own writing. But I’m determined to change that, starting today! I’ll still be helping other writers through tutoring and editing–and writers’ groups and conferences and workshops–but my own writing will start each of my days!

Pen and Paper Mama! Onward ho!

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