Summer Tutoring

After about 3 weeks of vacation with our family, I’m back to work! And one of the things I am most enjoying is “summer tutoring!”


What makes summer tutoring so enjoyable? Well, instead of sitting in my classroom/office the whole time, we head out into the great outdoors and explore! Then the students record our explorations in sketch pads, and glue their collected objects into “collecting boxes.” We learn about things we’ve seen in our explorations by researching guide books for birds, plants, local history,  animals, insects and more. As the students read and write, I make notes about any words they have trouble with, and we learn the skills (spelling, capitalization, phonics, etc.) they need help with. We also practice telling and writing stories about our explorations.

While we are exploring, we take along tools like collecting containers, magnifying glass, binoculars, nets, and so on. We also take a camera along, and we all take turns snapping pictures of our learning adventures. Finally, we make a website and write a blog post for each day’s learning, writing a story and illustrating it with the photos. Excellent!

The students love it and I love it! We are having an excellent time! (The parents love it, too!).


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