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While we’ve been suggesting lots of different math learning tips ranging from games and hands-on manipulatives to charts and books, there are also, of course, many useful software programs/apps online. Many of them are free, and a lot of them are fun and entertaining as well as being good learning experiences. Here are a few I’ve found very useful for my students:

Online apps:
BC Exam Bank: This site is based on the British Columbia curriculum and provides exams in a variety of academic subjects from grades Kindergarten through 12. It’s a good way to discover gaps in learning–then you can use some of these other sites to fill in those gaps!
Touch Math: Touch Math is a useful way for students who have difficulty with memorization to still be able to quickly and easily do computations without using a calculator.
Mathletics: This program is used successfully by many schools. Check with your child’s school to see if they have it available.
Math U See: Math-U-See is a popular program both in schools and for homeschool families. As its name suggests, it makes strong use of manipulatives and more recently has added a strong online capacity as well.
Discovery Education: Discovery Education uses digital textbooks. It has an emphasis on community involvement, critical thinking, and questioning.
Power of Ten: uses cards to learn basic math facts in a fun, easy way. It focuses on developing pattern recognition and a problem-solving mindset.
MathATube: This is a fun site for students to practice their math skills at all public school levels.

What online math sites does your family like using? Please share in the comments and I’ll add them to the list. Thanks!

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