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Do you have questions about getting a tutor for your child (or yourself)? Such as … Can tutoring help your child (and you as a parent)? Is it affordable? Is it worth it? What is it all about? How does it work? How can you find a tutor who will focus on your child’s particular needs? Or do you wonder if you are capable of tutoring your child at home? (Yes, you can–and this site also provides lots of specific, practical, easy advice!)

If you’ve had questions like this, you’ve come to the right place! This site features tons of tutoring tips and topics–about traditional tutoring, and parent-tutoring at home–that will answer all your questions. You can find a detailed list and links to all the posts on the tutoring topics page–but here’s a quick overview!

First, this site features posts directly related to the topic of tutoring:

  • Who needs tutors and why–school children, homeschooled children, college and university students, adults
  • How to choose the right tutor–tutoring purposes, your tutoring needs, how to hire a tutor, tutoring locations, tutoring alternatives, types of tutors
  • Meeting with a potential tutor–what to expect, questions to ask, tutor-client agreements
  • What happens at tutoring sessions
  • Individualised tutoring–tutor qualifications and experience, how tutors plan individualised programs and sessions, learning styles, student progress and learning support
  • Tutoring for adult learners
  • Tutoring costs–different rates and why qualified tutors charge what they do, private tutors vs tutoring companies, alternatives
  • Tutor characteristics–and why you need to consider them in choosing a tutor
  • Supplies you need–for tutoring sessions and for tutoring back-up at home
  • Goal-setting for your child’s learning–for tutoring, homeschooling, homework help, and for life-long learning
  • Tutor-learner relationships and the learning team–tutors, teachers, parents, and other learning helpers
  • Why children need tutors–featuring a real conversation between a tutor and a grade four student
  • How I as a tutor can help you–information on my tutoring services and availability

Second, this site contains many posts giving easy, practical advice on how parents can be excellent tutors for their children at home:

  • Using phonics and other methods to help your child read: using word chunks to sound out words, using rhyme to learn sounds, short vowel sound tips, learning letters and sounds, spelling tips, sight word tips, using word families for reading and spelling, sounds spelled in a variety of way, how to read difficult words, long vowel sound tips, blended sounds and multi-syllabic words, word endings, blends and digraphs, punctuation tips
  • Using children’s’ books to help you child read better: read and do, Scooby Doo books, book reading for young readers, how to discuss picture book stories with your child, nursery rhymes, learning with songs and poetry, learning themes based on favourite children’s books and series
  • Fun activities to encourage reading: children’s book creating and journaling, learning games, creative memory tricks for sounds and letters, following your child’s passions and interests
  • Thoughts about using workbooks and worksheets
  • Learning together with other children
  • Some specific reading problems: handwriting tips, letter confusion, solutions for “tracking” difficulties when reading, speech issues, copy work
  • Exam study tips and memory tips
  • A full series of posts on “How to be a Great Parent-Tutor” — for both homeschool parents and parents of school children: why children need parent-tutors, important activities parent-tutors can do well, building good parent-tutor and child relationships, learning styles/intelligences/behaviours, developing individualised tutoring, monitoring your child’s progress, some basic learning goals, home tutoring resources, tutoring sessions at home, a focus on primary grades, a focus on intermediate grades, when to hire a tutor, tutor costs–and alternatives, all kinds of learning activities you can do at home
  • Tips for when children (and adults too) “hate reading”: modeling reading and read-aloud, distractions and health issues, negative influences and reading as a chore, poor methods of teaching reading, lack of reading materials and negative attitudes, dyslexia and other learning differences, practical tips to encourage reading

Third, this site contains lots of original, free downloadable materials:

  • For a full list of free downloadable materials, including topics related to learning activities, math, French, English language arts, children’s books, and more, go to this page: Freebies.

We’re also adding new topics on this site:

  • Tips for children with special needs: activities and resources for children with perceptual issues
  • Math tips: (coming soon)

And finally, we’ve created lots of super-useful booklets and learning themes–for Free or Low-Cost:

You will also find lots of great lessons and lesson plans at my store at Teachers Pay Teachers. There are booklets on learning math facts, memory and learning strategies, handwriting tips, tongue twisters to help with speech, book reports, homonyms, reading and writing activities, as well as lesson plans for Learning Themes based on favourite children’s book series.

Learn more about my tutoring services and workshops:

You can also find out more about my tutoring services here and my workshops here. 

What topics would you like to see covered on this site? Please share your requests in the comments of this post–or contact me

Thank you!


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