Site changes

time for changeUp until now, this Pen and Paper Mama site has covered all my business. That includes tutoring, editing, and writing. Now I have started a new site, Norma J, on which I will feature writing and editing material. This Pen and Paper Mama site will continue to feature information on tutoring, as well as continue to be my hub site for all my websites and blogs.

Over the next while, I will be making changes to this site. There will be a lot more posts that deal with tutoring and learning. I had a goal for the summer to improve all my sites. And I still want to do that, but unfortunately I fractured my elbow, which is really slowing me down. I am using Windows Speech Recognition software to help me type faster–and I think it will help as I get used to it, and as it learns to understand me! So please be patient and bear with me. Thanks!

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