How to Discuss Picture Book Stories With Your Child

Berestain Bears New Baby

Do you wonder how to discuss picture book stories with your child–other than “just reading” books together? To celebrate the first day of school (here, at least!), I am offering a free handout with a variety of activities and discussion questions based on The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby. It’s a perfect aid for all parents–whether your children are still pre-school age, are attending school, or are home schooling.

Some of the activities in the handout include: reading (of course); counting; drawing inferences and conclusions from the pictures and the story; putting story events in order; drawing a favourite part of the story; addition; defining words; comparing Small Bear’s life to the child’s own life; finding rhyming words; finding words that start with silent letters; learning about quotation marks; and more.

This simple handout has “short answer” questions your child can fill in, as well as “thinking questions” for you to discuss together. It is aimed for children who read and write at a grade 2 to 3 level, but children with less reading skills and children who can’t yet read will also enjoy doing it, as you read the book and handout to them.

The handout also includes an “answer sheet” for parents to use as they go through the handout with the child.  It gives discussion tips as well as “answers.” The page numbers I have used are based on the 1974 edition of the book, which is the beginning of the Berenstain Bears series–but of course it has been republished many times since then, so if you have a more up-to-date version, you might need to make a few adjustments.

In fact, you can use this free handout as a guide to the kinds of questions and discussion you might do with your child for ANY picture story book you are reading together!

Here is the link for this free PDF handout: The Berenstain Bears New Baby handout  Have fun reading with your child/ren!

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