New Learning Themes and other Pen and Paper Mama Products

Songs-and-PoemsPen and Paper Mama — Norma J Hill — has been busy recently creating educational and entertaining new Learning Themes.  The learning theme documents are packed full of all kinds of ideas you, as a teacher, tutor, or home school parent and family, can use as you explore book series, literature such as nursery rhymes and song lyrics, and more, with your children.

Today’s new theme is called Songs and Poems Literacy Learning Theme. Songs and poems are a wonderful way to help children develop their reading, writing, and math literacy skills–and they are fun to do together as a class or family activity. With rhyme, rhythm, wonderful illustrations, actions, and music, and as a foundation for extended unit studies, as well as being easy to read and even memorize, they are the basis of excellent learning themes.

The collection of suggestions in this theme is the perfect introduction to designing your own personalized learning theme that meets your children’s particular needs and interests. Songs and poems, whether from books, magazines, movies, theatre, nursery rhymes, folk and traditional songs, or other sources, are enjoyed by people of all ages, and so ideas from this theme are also a great support for older children or adults developing their literacy skills.

The Songs and Poems Literacy Learning Theme is available for just $2.00 from my store at

Lots More Learning Themes!

While you’re at my store, be sure to check out the other Learning Themes I’ve already created, and please “follow me” to get updates as new products are added. The themes range in price from free to just $1.00 or $2.00.  Here are the Learning Themes already available:

Winnie the Pooh Learning Theme
Nursery Rhymes Learning Theme (free–so you can see what the “themes” are like)
Curious George Learning Theme
Fairy Tale Princesses and Princes Learning Theme
Three Little Pigs Learning Theme
Dr. Seuss Learning Theme
Amelia Bedelia Learning Theme
Frog and Toad Learning Theme
Songs and Poems Literacy Learning Theme

“Easy to Learn Series” booklets

While you’re at the store, you’ll also want to check out my “Easy to Learn Series” booklets, just $2.00 each, which are packed full of all kinds of learning ideas, many of them alternatives to  traditional learning methods often featured in

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