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business building

Over the past couple years, Pen and Paper Mama Services — tutoring, editing, and writing — has been growing and developing quickly.  Much of my time has been taken up with the hands-on activities of building the business, but it is time to turn my attention again to providing my online audience with more information about tutoring, editing, and writing, and providing “freebies” to help families out with their educational efforts.  I am looking forward to sharing and interacting with you, and am eager to read your comments, answer your questions, and discuss your ideas.

For those of you who are interested in writing and related topics such as self-publishing and editing, I am the editor of the quarterly e-newsletter, “The Penticton Scribe,” published by the Penticton Writers and Publishers (PWAP) group.  You can check out some back-copies of the newsletter here, and you can email me to request more recent editions (Oct 2013, Jan 2014, April 2014) and to sign up for the new editions as they come out four times a year.  These newsletters are about 20 pages in length, and are jam-packed with useful information on writing-related topics.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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