Tutor characteristics – section five

tutor and student cartoonThis is the final section of a five-section series on “An A to Z Checklist of Tutor Characteristics.” The other sections in the series include:

Section 1: Adaptability, Assessment, Confidentiality, Commitment, Creativity

Section 2: Empathy, Enthusiasm, Emergency Preparedness, Fairness, Flexibility

Section 3: Friendliness, Honesty, Humour, Knowledge, Learning Centered

Section 4: Legalities, Organization, Patience, Professionalism, Respectfulness

Section 5: Sensitivity, Social Awareness, Written Contracts.

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And now … on to section five:

Sensitivity: Does the tutor treat the student with respect, and allow time
for the student to develop trust in the tutor-student relationship? Or does
the tutor expect immediate and constant obedience and respectful behavior?
Does the tutor realize that students may have “bad days” and take that into
account, but at the same time encourage and guide the student toward an
ongoing improvement in not only learning the material, but also in growth of
successful effort, attitudes and behaviors? If it becomes evident that the
tutor-student relationship is not developing appropriately, will the tutor
admit it, and suggest suitable alternative tutors and/or other assistance?

Social awareness: Is the tutor sensitive to differences in lifestyles,
cultural background, and educational levels of both students and their
families? Is the tutor known for being accepting of a wide variety of belief
systems and other viewpoints? Or does the tutor have very strong personal
opinions about certain topics that could make the tutor-student relationship
difficult? Also, if you are looking for a tutor, and have very strong
viewpoints of your own (perhaps in terms of religion, or your own cultural
heritage, for example), it is wise to discuss this with potential tutors to
decide if differing viewpoints could cause difficulties.

Written contracts: Does the tutor have prepared a written contract which
spells out the tutoring agreement between tutor and client? Does it cover a
wide variety of information (contact information, tutoring location, preferred
methods of communication, fee agreements, tutoring cancellation policy, lesson
scheduling, cancellation of tutoring policy, obligations and responsibilities
of the tutor and of student/parents, any warranties related to tutoring
success, goals of the tutoring, whether parents are allowed to sit in on
tutoring sessions, individualized needs of students such as medical or other
issues, etc.). Is the tutor willing to consider including special terms if

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