Why do qualified tutors charge as much as they do?

This is part 2 in the series:  Questions About Tutoring Costs

So why do qualified tutors charge as much as they do?  Here are some important reasons you may not be aware of:

Education and experience:  Qualified tutors often have many years of experience, as well as years of University education in the particular subject(s) they tutor.

Time investment:  A quality tutor will spend a significant amount of time outside the actual session time preparing for the sessions, and gathering and preparing materials.  (More on this in the next post).

Inexpensive compared to what teachers earn per hour:  If you consider the average pay of a comparably educated and experienced public or private school teacher, you will discover that the tutor’s hourly rate is actually considerably less, in many circumstances. Again, just like the school teacher, the tutor’s pay includes the preparation and reporting that a school teacher does.

Business overhead: Potential tutoring clients are often unaware that a tutor is running a business.  The tutor has overhead – costs of materials (books, computers, student materials, worksheets, etc), ongoing training (most tutors continue to upgrade their skills), and the costs of maintaining a quality tutoring environment in their home or office, or of alternatively traveling to the student’s home or other agreed-upon location.  Naturally, the costs of a business are reflected to some degree in the cost of the service or product.  The tutor is also paying for insurance, accounting services at tax time, and other business costs.

Some tutors, it is true, work for a tutoring company, and do not personally have overhead costs, other than going to and from work, and other minor costs.  However, the company certainly has costs, and the hourly rate the client pays goes to cover those costs, as well as the tutor’s hourly pay, and that of the company manager, secretary and other personnel.  Often, it costs considerably more to hire a tutor through a tutoring company, as the company is out to make a profit, too! 

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