Questions about tutoring costs

Why do tutors charge so much?  Lately I have had some inquiries about my tutoring services, and in some cases, my rate (which is actually very reasonable compared to many tutors) has put the potential clients off. 

While I understand that many folks really are in a financial pinch, especially in the current economy, and while I have made alternative offers (group rate, barter, teach the parent in a few lessons how to tutor their own child longer-term, even a more affordable rate due to their situation), I sense that there are those who simply feel that tutors should not charge more than minimum wage. 

Perhaps they feel that a tutor must be someone who “can’t get a real job.” Or perhaps they feel that tutoring is an “easy job,” similar to “baby sitting” (as though that is an easy job, itself 🙂 ).  Perhaps they work hard at a low-paying job, and feel a tutor should not be charging more per hour than they earn themselves.  Perhaps they feel they can get a teenager or less-qualified tutor for a much more reasonable rate.  Whatever the reason, they decide to look elsewhere, or to forego tutoring.

So in the following posts in this series I will discuss some of the reasons qualified tutors charge the rates they do (generally between $20 to $40 – and as much as $60 to $70) per hour; and the benefits of choosing a more qualified tutor over a less-qualified one.  I will also discuss options in tutoring rates, other tutoring solutions, as well as touching upon the consequences of deciding not to hire a tutor when the student’s need is obvious. 

Be sure to read the next three posts:
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