How tutors plan individualized programs for their students

One of the greatest advantages of tutor-based learning is the individualized attention and individualized programs that tutors can provide.  Classroom teachers generally do a wonderful job of teaching, but they are under a variety of conditions that make it difficult for them to provide each child with optimal individual  learning conditions.  While some students thrive in the typical classroom situation, others sometimes get behind, while still others find the pace slow and wish for more advanced lessons.  Sometimes a child may be absent one day and miss out on one very simple concept that ends up causing major problems later on. 

A tutor can be the solution for many of these kinds of situations.  Working one-on-one (or in a very small group) with the student, a tutor can plan and deliver a learning program that is especially suitable for an individual child, no matter what his or her learning situation might involve. 

In this mini series, we will explore how tutors plan and deliver individualized programs and lessons for their studentsThe series will cover the following five parts:

Part 1: Tutor training and experience:

  • Tutors have training and experience in education
  • They understand the general characteristics of students
  • They know curriculum requirements
  • Tutors often have credentials

Part 2:  Planning the individualized program:

  • Pre-assessment
  • Goal-setting
  • Development of individualized programs
  • Strong tutor-student relationships

Part 3:  Individualized tutoring sessions:

  • Individualized tutoring sessions

Part 4:  Learning styles, behaviors and methods:

  • Student learning styles and behaviors
  • A variety of learning methods

Part 5:  Student progress and learning support:

  • Monitoring student progress
  • Useful handouts and other materials

Be sure to check out all five parts.  By understanding how tutors prepare and deliver individualized learning, and the different kinds of programs and tutors available, you can help ensure that you choose the best tutor and program for the student in your life, be it yourself or your child.

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