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When choosing a tutor, you will want to ask about location.  Where will the tutoring sessions take place?  Here are some possibilities:

  • At your home (or another home, perhaps the home of the child’s grandparents if they permit it).  The tutor may be willing to come to your home to for the tutoring sessions, and in some cases your home is a great location.  But note that if you live very far from the tutor, there may be an extra charge because of transportation costs, and also because the travel time uses up time slots in which the tutor could be working with other students.  Also consider whether your home is a suitable location.  Do you have a quiet study area available for the tutor and student away from distractions?  If you are an adult needing tutoring, and you have children in the home, do you have someone else available to watch the children during the session?
  • At the tutor’s home or office.  Usually tutors have one of these locations available, but some do not.
  • At a quiet public place such as a public library.  If you have a place like this in mind, be sure to find out if tutoring is allowed in the location, and at what times.  You might also consider a quiet spot in a park during warm weather, or a quiet table in a coffee shop.  Perhaps your church would allow you to use one of their classrooms.  Again, you would need to be sure it is allowed, and realize that these kind of locations can have unexpected distractions; some may also require some payment.  And you would have to check if it is okay with the tutor.
  • Some schools will allow tutors to work with students at lunch breaks or right before or after school.  Of course you would have to get permission, and be sure it is a quiet room suitable for study.

Question:  What other suitable locations can you think of?  Be sure to add them in the comments below.  Thank you.

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