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 So why do adults need tutors?  Here are some reasons:

  • Many adults, even those who have completed school, actually have literacy issues, or may have missed out on certain school subjects that they now discover they need for a new job, for entrance to higher education, for personal interest, or simply for a better life.  A tutor can help with literacy training (reading, writing, and mathematics), with improving study skills, and with providing the basics an adult needs to move ahead in life.
  • Many adults speak English as a second language.  There are tutors who are trained to help adults with their English as a Second Language (ESL) skills.
  • There are many adults who lack sufficient skills in house keeping, budgeting, parenting, and many other basic life skills.  One-to-one help from a tutor who specializes in these areas is often more effective, and much faster, than taking classes.
  • Many adults wish to improve their writing skills for employment reasons, or to fulfill a dream to write a book or start a blog, etc.
  • In order to enjoy one’s travels, or to get government and other jobs, basic knowledge of other languages is very helpful.  There are many tutors who specialize in teaching one or more foreign languages.
  • The modern employment market requires computer proficiency for many jobs.  Adults, especially those who completed their education more than 20 years ago, may lack those skills.  Getting instruction from a tutor (rather than in a class) is often more efficient, as the tutor can zero in on the skills needed, and can work more patiently and slowly if required.
  • Tutoring can actually be less expensive, in many cases, than taking a post-secondary course.  With one-on-one, individualized attention, the skills can be acquired more quickly, and the tutor can hone in on the exact skills needed, without repeating what the client already knows.  This is especially true if the client does not require a certificate, but does need certain skills and knowledge.
  • An adult may be taking a self-study (correspondence or on-line) course, and from time to time require extra help with some aspect.
  • An adult may be laid off from his job; or her employer may suddenly announce that upgrading is required; or the adult may simply decide to try a new career path.  At the same time, the adult may not be able to take time off work to return to school, or may decide to study and work at the same time.  A tutor can help you plan your course of action, and can of course help you with your learning.

Question:  What reasons do you, as an adult, have for needing the help as a tutor?  What specific kinds of help do you need?  Tell us about it in the comments below.

Adults in the Penticton area who need a tutor:  Check out our tutoring page for contact information about tutoring we have available for adults.

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