why college and university students may need tutors

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Reasons why college and university students need tutors:


  • Some college students may discover, after taking entrance exams, that they require upgrading in particular areas before they can carry on with their education.  This is particularly true of writing skills and mathematics skills required at the college level.
  • Some college students may decide part way through their program to take a course or alternate program for which they lack the prerequisites or for which they have weak or outdated background knowledge.
  • There are many international college students who need ESL assistance
  • There are many college students who find themselves struggling with one or two specific courses.
  • Some college students may find that post-secondary midterms and finals are quite different than those they experienced in high school, and may need assistance in studying for these exams.  They may also need help in preparing for subject-specific SATs, such as the LSAT.
  • Some courses turn out to have prerequisite knowledge which is not indicated in the course description, and a student may find they don’t have that background.
  • College students, like school students, may have learning disabilities or medical situations which may require extra help.
  • Some college students are adults who have been out of school for a long time and need a tutor to help them get back into studying, as well as to provide them with new skills and knowledge that may not have been in the school curriculum in the past.
  • While many college professors are excellent teachers, it is also true that many of them have had little training in how to teach.  Also, many professors are from other nations, and speak English with a heavy accent.  There are some great advantages to having a prof with a unique and interesting background, but if you are struggling to understand the lectures, it can also be a problem.  In either case, if you are getting behind, a tutor may well be able to help you catch up.
  • New college students are often overwhelmed by classes with hundreds of students.  In these situations, it is very difficult to get individual attention from the prof, unlike high school where you probably only had 20 to 30 students in your classes and your teacher was available for personal help.  Again, a tutor can help you if you are feeling overwhelmed, have questions you need help with, and/or you are getting behind.
  • Term papers are often a new experience for college students.  A tutor can help you learn how to produce a quality paper.
  • The new social atmosphere of college sometimes distracts students from their academic studies.  A tutor can help you organize yourself and get you back on track.
  • Many new college students are away from their home and community for the first time, and be missing their former support group (parents, school teachers and counselors with whom they are familiar, friends they used to study with, etc).  A tutor can help fill that gap.
  • Most colleges have a tutoring department.  The tutors are often more advanced students who have already taken certain courses successfully, and understand the needs of their fellow students.  They are also usually on-campus for easy access.  This can be an excellent option, and may also be less expensive.  But if it doesn’t work out for you, it is wise to seek out an off-campus tutor who can meet your needs.
  • A new student on campus may feel alone, and not know anyone who he/she can study with.  A tutor will often have other tutees who also have this need, or former tutees who would be a good study buddy.  The tutor may thus be able to help you find a suitable study partner or group for your particular needs.

Question:  As a college student, what other reasons do/did you have for needing a tutor?  Share them here in the comments.  Thanks 🙂

College students in the Penticton area who need help: especially with writing skills, but also possibly in other areas, check out our tutoring page for details and contact information.

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