home reasons why children may need tutors

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Home reasons why children may need tutors:


  • Students need help with a particular subject area in which their parents do not have enough knowledge to help
  • Parents lack time to help their children with homework or with areas of study in which they need extra help
  • Family emergencies such as illness, need to help aging parents, or birth of a new child means that the parents need some assistance.
  • Frustrations between parents and students that sometimes get in the way of learning success
  • A family may need to move during the school year, or wish to take an extended vacation, or a child may have long-term medical needs, or be involved in focused sports or other activities that do not fit in with school hours and dates.  A tutor can work with the family’s particular needs, and may even be able to travel with them.
  • Families in a neighbourhood may wish to hire a tutor to provide group homework-help sessions.  Group rates may provide considerable savings for the individual families.
  • Note:  Some tutors also offer some flexibility in pricing, with not only group rates, but varying rates depending on the preparation requirements and other factors.  They may also take family financial situations into account, and may offer scholarships or barter-type options.

Question:  What other home reasons do you have for needing a tutor?  Let us know in the comments section below.

Are you in the Penticton area and have home needs a tutor could help withCheck out our tutoring page for details and contact information.

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