Why do you need a tutor?

Tutors help all ages and all kinds of people: preschoolers, elementary and secondary students in private or public school or home school, as well as college or other post-secondary students. Tutors also help folks of all ages who are looking to develop new skills or increase their knowledge in areas they already have some experience with. Tutors help with “formal education” of course, but there are also tutors who will help you with a hobby, practical home or job skills, and more.

Why do YOU need a tutor? In the following series of posts, we will explore a variety of reasons. You might be surprised at how a tutor can help you or your family.

Our topics will include the following:

When we finish this series on why you need a tutor, we will go on to other tutoring-related topics, such as:

What topics would you like us to address? Let us know in the comments section. Thank you!

And … if you live in the Penticton BC area, and are looking for a tutor, check out my tutoring information!

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