Accepting new tutoring students!



School, homeschool, and college students are back to their studies.  It’s a new year with new challenges.

Now is the time to book your spot for tutoring assistance from a qualified and experienced teacher, tutor, and home schooler.  If you live in the Penticton area or nearby communities, be sure to call today to reserve the days and times that work best for your schedule, before they are gone.  If you aren’t local, or don’t need tutoring assistance right now, be sure to keep tuned to this blog for upcoming free tutoring suggestions, free materials, and lesson ideas.

Check out my Tutoring page to find out what subjects and student needs I can help you with.  My students include pre-school, elementary, secondary, college, and adult learners.  You don’t even need to be enrolled in a “school” – I am also available to help with various areas of interest like writing, blogging, office skills, and home and family skills.  And I am willing to come and speak to your group on various topics.

If you are a home school family, be sure to contact me to discuss your questions and needs.  I have been a successful home school parent/teacher and tutor, and would love to encourage and help you with your home school adventure.  Check out some of the homeschool materials I have published through, and also check out the page of “freebies” on this site!

Again, check out my Tutoring page for more details and for contact information.  I look forward to meeting you very soon!

And sign up for this blog’s RSS feed (click on the little orange square in the column to the right) to receive updates on this blog.  I’ll be featuring tutoring topics, free materials, and lesson ideas here in the coming days.  Be sure to keep tuned in!


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